“Who looks outside dreams…who looks inside awakens.” Carl Jung


Welcome to Awakening, A Road Map! If you have found your way here chances are you are ready to do some serious spiritual exploration. I created this course to help you do just that.

When I first heard the term awakening some years ago, I defined it as a positive. It sounded like waking up to some type of universal reality and that in light of these new insights, things would be somehow, easier.

As it turns out, awakening is not an easy process although it is a highly rewarding one. In this course, I am going to walk you through awakening, whether you are new to it entirely, or are awakened but still managing some of its harder aspects.

In this course, I will cover what awakening really is, how to manage its pitfalls, and most importantly how to make it happen in your life and experience the benefits of living a truly awakened life.

Awakening is transformation, it is the process of seeing and being more in life and it requires a lot of change. Change that is both inward and outward. It is an ongoing journey, we aren’t suddenly fully awakened and that’s it, we will find ourselves going back a few steps from time to time, this is normal. The process unfolds gradually, as it’s meant to.

Sometimes, we might think that awakening is something we want, but don’t know how to start or when we might be waiting for a time that seems calmer or less busy. While it is important that you can dedicate yourself to the changes awakening requires, there is no perfect time for it. Since the steps are small ones, they can be started at any time. The best thing about awakening is that it opens you up to notice more, and this can help in any situation, at any time. 

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